nbn™ Backhaul Solutions

nbn™ vNNI

Through Virtutel’s expansive network to all 121 nbn Points of Interconnect Nationally, we can provide a cost effective Backhaul solution for RSPs called vNNI. This allows RSPs to onboard directly with nbn™ Co for nbn Ethernet (NEBS), Enterprise Ethernet and Sky Muster Services and have connectvity brought back to a single or multiple data centres via a trunk port. vNNI is an ideal entry level solution that can grow with your needs and allows you to pick and choose which POIs you connect to.

nbn™ NNI Direct

NNI Direct allows customers who require direct connectivity to an nbn™ POI to utilise Virtutel’s Network nationally for Backhaul with connectivity available directly to a NNI Port at the POI or to the ODF at the POI if you have equipment at a POI. Services can either be provided one a One to One basis at a Data Centre or Aggregated to a trunk port.

Virtutel can supply the vNNI and NNI Direct Service at the following Data Centres;


  • NextDC M1
  • Equinix ME1
  • 530 Collins St (Vocus and Melbourne DC)


  • NextDC S1
  • Equinix SY1/SY2/SY3/SY4/SY5
  • Global Switch
  • Vocus 59 Doody Street


  • NextDC B1/B2
  • Equinix BR1


  • NextDC C1


  • YourDC Hawthorn
  • YourDC Edinburgh Parks


  • NextDC P1
  • Equinix PE2
  • QV1
  • Vocus PerthIX


  • Secure Data Center

The Trunk Ports can also be used for IP Transit and IP Voice Termination (CTS and Voice Ports). Data Centre Connection Services (EVPL VLL), also known as Intercapital Bandwidth is available between Trunk Ports at Different Data Centres. Services may be extended to other Data Centres not listed above upon consultation with Virtutel.

Virtutel can also deliver the vNNI service over Megaport VXC.