IP Telephony & Voice

SIP Trunks


Internet Telephony

SIP Trunks are services that can be used with VoIP Equipment such as ATAs, IP Phones, Softphones, Mobile Phones with VoIP capability and Gateways or for connection to compatible IP PBX’s.

All services include:

  • Caller ID (CLI) and caller ID restriction at no additional charge.
  • Call Waiting, Hold and Transfer at no additional charge.
  • Voicemail, including Voicemail to Email available upon request
  • Fail over Support (should your service unavailable, calls to your number can be sent automatically to another number).
  • G711A as default codec and Support for G729a and GSM-FR Codecs for low bandwidth applications. T.38 Support for faxing available with G711A failover.
  • Direct Indial Support for IP PBX’s.

Additional Numbers & Lines

Additional Numbers and Lines can be dynamically added by contacting Virtutel. Service numbers are allocated based on the location of your equipment/service and are available in all Call Collection Areas within Australia and New Zealand. Direct In dial is fully supported on all supplied numbers.

Virtutel can also supply numbers in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom on a SIP Trunking Service upon Request.

Number Porting

Number Porting is available from all Carriers in Australia and New Zealand.