IP Telephony Network

Virtutel’s core business is next Generation IP services and we pride ourselves on providing innovative and technically advanced solutions to businesses of all sizes and budgets.

Virtutel operates a National Tier 1 Carrier Grade IP Voice Network with interconnects to all major carriers within Australia (“1499 Network”).

We also provide with our SIP, Hosted PBX and Inbound access complementary use of the Virtutel White Label Call Rating Platform.

Virtutel offers a range of Voice Services including:

  • SIP Trunks/Accounts for connection to IP PBX and other VoIP Based Equipment
  • FaxIT! Fax over IP Solutions
  • Dedicated Voice Only Access Tails
  • Inbound 13/1300/1800 for Number Solutions for Australia and 0800 Number Solutions for New Zealand.
  • Call Termination and Origination (CTS)

Advantages of the Virtutel IP Telephony Network

  • National Availability with number allocations in all locations within Australia and New Zealand based on your service location
  • Local Number Portability Available from all major Carriers
  • Faxing Support over IP (T.38) and Fax to Email Available.
  • High Quality Voice Codecs and Low Bandwidth codecs supported at no additional charge
  • Standard services such as Caller Line ID Presentation, Voicemail and Voicemail to Email Available at no extra charge
  • Low Cost Local, National, Mobile and International rates
  • Easy Portability between locations in the same area without changing your Number (If within same SZU).
  • High availability (core network target – 99.99%)
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Dedicated Support Team
  • White Label Billing and Call Management is included for Free for all services (Excluding CTS Services)
  • CDR Records can be exported for importation already rated into Major Billing Systems.
  • Service compatible with Major IP PBX’s including Cisco, Asterisk, Vodia, 3CX, Eypgi, TalkSwitch, Zultys, Avaya, Samsung and NEC.


You have the ability to use the service over your existing internet connection. However, if there are no QoS or rate limiting controls on your connection to prioritise VoIP traffic, you may experience quality issues such as call breakup. You may also experience issues if you’re ISP or the bandwidth between their network and the Virtutel Network is congested. Generally with the G729a Voice Codec, each line that is in use will require 40kbps of bandwidth in both directions or with the perferred G711A Voice Codec, 87kbps of Bandwidth in both directions. It is therefore recommended to obtain a dedicated Voice Access tail or have a Private Network Voice Port from Virtutel which is a dedicated and prioritised link only for Voice Traffic which terminates directly back on our network.