Virtutel Call Termination Services (CTS)

If you have your own Class 4/5 Softswitch or IP PBX Platform with Billing Capability, our CTS Service will allow you to have full aggregation, control and oversight of your IP Telephony Services towards your end customers.

CTS Services support calls made with the Full Rate G711A Codec and full CLI Delivery within Australia and Premium Routing for CLI Delivery outside of Australia.

Services are offered in two flavours;

CTS Lite

  • Traffic is sent/received over the Internet between Virtutel and Customer Soft switches.
  • Allows for Outbound Calling Only

Call Termination Service (CTS)

  • Delivery can either be over the Internet, Voice VLAN Port on Virtutel Trunk Port within a OnNet Data Centre OR via a Dedicated Tail. QoS is assured on Voice Ports and Dedicated Tails.
  • National Availability with number allocations in all SZU locations within Australia and New Zealand based on your service location
  • Local Number Portability Available from all major Carriers
  • IPND Provided for Numbers Allocated
  • CDR Records can be exported for importation already rated into Major Billing Systems.