FaxIT! Fax over IP Solutions

Virtutel offers a complete Email to Fax, Fax to Email, Fax ATA, Print to Fax and Fax Portal called FaxIT!.

What makes this service unique is that our Fax ATA service does not send Faxes over SIP using the unreliable T.38 or Full Rate G711A codecs which are subject to incompatabilities and Jitter. Our Fax ATA receives the fax directly and then transmits it as a TIFF file over HTTPS to our Fax Server and then sends out the Fax via Virtutel Voice Network.

The Service provides

  • Fax to Email (Faxes sent via PDF File Attachment)
  • Email to Fax (Converts Email Body and Attachements to Fax)
  • Print Fax Drivers for Windows PCs
  • Specialised Fax ATAs for connection to legacy Fax Machines.
  • Service Available Nationally across Australia & New Zealand

Number Porting is available with the following Carriers;

  • Telstra
  • Optus
  • Symbio Networks
  • Vocus/Primus
  • TPG Group (Including AAPT, Soul, iiNet (Chime) and Internode(Agile))
  • Verizon
  • In New Zealand, From all Carriers.