Business, Enterprise & Government

Virtutel provides a range of carrier grade services data and voice tailored for Business, Enterprise and Government Organisations. Our range of services range from Simple Broadband and SIP Trunking to National and International WAN Networks and complex Voice solutions. These services are only available exclusively through our Wholesale Customers.

These Services include

  • Ethernet over Private Network (EVPN) providing a natural extension of a layer 2 broadcast domain between point to point or Multipoint Networks between sites nationally and internationally.
  • IP VPN WAN Services over the Virtutel MPLS Network. These services can be provided with Managed Firewall Breakout and, if required with Managed Routers.
  • Broadband ADSL2+, NBN and UFB Services provided with various different package options to suit the requirement of each business
  • Ethernet delivered either over Copper, Fibre or Wireless. Available with various different options including usage and flat rate data.
  • SIP Trunking – Offer your customers full national coverage and porting of existing PSTN services to SIP for connection to PBX’s and Gateways.
  • Hosted PBX providing a Full Cloud PBX Alternative for small business, multi-office businesses and business with roaming staff.
  • Inbound 13/1300/1800 numbers which can be delivered to a Virtutel OnNet Voice solution or to an OffNet number.
  • International SIP Trunk and Inbound Services with numbers available in Various Popular countries overseas.

To see if you qualify for Virtutel Business Services, contact our Sales Team on 1300 655 132/+61 3 9999 8800 or click here.